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Rojas Questions

1. Lela Lee created Angry Asian Girl because she went to Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation and felt like other “ethnic people” were being laughed at and mocked. Instead of laughing with her, Lee felt like they were laughing at her. This is similar to Dave Chappelle, who quit making Chappelle’s Show because he felt people were laughing at him instead of with him. Lee came up with a way to “speak out against injustice”.

2. Rojas means that people of color have the power to create anything they’d like but they could be providing the majority with a “conceptual blueprint” on which to establish stereotypes. One example is the Madea series. It was a way for people to show black women can stand up for themselves but instead the majority sees Madea as a loud, angry, and obnoxious woman and it pins all black women with this label. Another example of this is some Asians being proud of their studious nature, and their hard work paying of in high grades. The majority twisted this into a “Chinese kids are robots who do nothing but study while their parents are unrealistic and strict. The High Expectations Asian Father meme and Glee’s “Asian F” episode in which Mike Chang gets an A- while everyone goes ballistic are further proof of this.

3. Alicia Gaspar de Alba dislikes the use of the word “subculture” because she feels it carries an incredibly negative connotation with it. She prefers “alter-Native” because it reinforces the fact that Chicano culture, although in the minority to white America, is not considered inferior.

4. Rasquache is a type of art that uses the cheapest, easy to find materials and making into something to be prideful about. It’s akin to making the most out of a bad situation. One example is the transforming of a cheap car into a canvas of culture with hydraulics that becomes the red dye that mixes into society’s melting pot. Another example that could be considered rasquache is the use of plastic ziplock bags as beverage holders. On a trip to Guatemala, I ordered an horchata and found the vendor used ziplock bags instead of cups. This is making the most out of the cheapest materials you have.

5. Anger plays such a huge role in the productions of women of color, especially black women. There is always an angry black woman in a predominantly black film. It’s the staple, cliche, etc. that black films carry around with them. This is exactly how pop culture has trivialized it. They just add it to every film. You can’t take people with angry dispositions seriously. It’s unrealistic for anyone to be that angry all the time, so people just dismiss it as “Oh Madea, she is so sassy (another word associated with black women) and angry at everything all the time”. Madea might have valid points at times, but it gets easier to dismiss these points when the character has become a cliche.


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One thought on “Rojas Questions

  1. aberney on said:

    Your Rojas responses are quite good and thorough.

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