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Week Six: Crimes of Fashion

Alison Lurie, The Language of Clothes

In this excerpt from The Language of Clothes, Alison Lurie’s main point is that people communicate first and foremost through their clothing. Moments before I’m speaking to you through an oral language, we are both “speaking” through what clothes we are wearing. Lurie goes through examples such as the uniform, Cinderella’s dress, what nerds dress like and lying through the clothing language. Lurie gathers her information through experience and assumptions of different social situations. She talks about how wearers of dirty or torn clothes are just begging to be condescended, scorned, or secretly laughed at. This is something that is considered a societal norm amongst upper class people. Lurie makes fantastic points on things that I had previously thought about but never really followed through on. She writes about how easy it is to lie about social standing in her dressing for success segment, going on to say that it is hard to prove or disprove somebody’s success based on certain types of clothing. She also write about how meticulously certain people look at clothes. Studying how old the clothing is or it’s too big or too small. She reminds me that clothing is definitely as easy as spoken language to judge the ‘spelling’ or ‘grammar’. 


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