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Pop Matters Monday

Sacha Baron Cohen, best known his role as Borat, showed up at the Academy Awards. Cohen came dressed up as a dictator (in preparation for his upcoming film) and was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. He was holding an earn filled with supposed ashes and as he was talking, he spilled the ashes onto Ryan Seacrest.  Cohen was then escorted off the premises by security. 

Comments on Youtube and Reddit mostly thought it was a funny prank. Reactions ranged from, it was a good way to get publicity for the film to jokes about Seacrest’s sexual orientation. This reminded me of connotative and denotative definitions. The denotative definition is that Cohen spills some ash on Ryan Seacrest. The connotative definition is that Cohen was looking for some free publicity, and made a bang on red carpet.


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One thought on “Pop Matters Monday

  1. aberney on said:

    Overall, this pop matters post is good, but the post needed to be more thorough. 40/50

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