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Pop Matters Monday

A server from Angus Barn was fired over the weekend for posting a copy of Peyton Manning’s receipt. Peyton Manning had given the waitress an extremely generous top, and the waitress thought she’d share it with the Internet.

The comments definitely vary from person to person. Some commenters on the ABC news website were mad at the owner for firing the person and called the owner a snob. Redditors were mostly united in thinking that the owner was justified in the firing because the waitress violated Manning’s privacy.

This is “news” because the media, and the public, love to know the spending habits of the wealthy. But they tend to forget, or just downright ignore, that they are entitled to their privacy just as much as the rest of us.


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One thought on “Pop Matters Monday

  1. aberney on said:

    40/50 Overall, this post is good, but it did need some more details.

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